Won't go thru doggie door

Posted by boxer2
Sep 5, 2007
We have just installed a doggie door for our year old boxer. At first he would not go through at all, but now he will if we nudge the door and it begins to swing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get him to go through on his own when HE wants or needs to do outside?
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Sep 14, 2007
Why don't you try taking your dog to the door, giving him a treat, showing him that you have another one in your hand, and then going out the door, leaving him on the other side. You could then call him in an excited voice and encourage him to push the doggie door with his nose. If he is not food motivated you could try using a squeaky toy. Good luck!
Posted by mpq
Feb 5, 2008
When we installed our doggie door, one of us stayed outside with a piece of hot dog, and one of us stayed inside and held the door open so our dog could go through. A few times like this, with the door closed more and more and that treat waiting outside, was all it took. Also, don't let the door make too much noise closing at first. Once they see it is not going to hurt them, they will be fine.
Posted by jlynn9573
Feb 12, 2008
When we installed our doggy door, it took us holding the doggy door open several times before the dogs were comfortable with it. Also, hold it open in smaller increments or let it lower as they are going thru it so it runs across their body, so they get used to the feeling of it. If you know another dog who already uses a doggy door (that your dog gets along with), have them come over to help your dog get adjusted. The doggy door is one of the best investments we ever made! Good luck!!!