adopted dog eats everything

Posted by billysboss
Sep 20, 2007
i adopted an 11 month old collie 3 months ago from the dog shelter - he is totally adorable and gets on wonderfull with my 9 yr old collie mix but when we go out at night he destrys everything plants settees cd's videos anything he can chew - i have tried him with chew toys bones and complex food toys leaving a light on for him because it is only when i work at night its a problem everything he knows its wrong but just wont stop - please help i must fix this very soon
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Sep 21, 2007
It sounds as though being left on his own is very distressing for your Collie, which must be distressing for your also. I recommend that you read the section in the SitStayFetch book on Separation Anxiety for more info on fixing this kind of behavior.

I also wanted to suggest that when you leave your dog, that you confine him to one room. Often dogs will be calmer if they are confined as opposed to having the run of the house.

You could also try taking your dog for a brisk walk or run before heading out for the night. Hopefully in doing that you will find that your dog is more likely to sleep while you are out.

I hope this helps.