aggessive defecation

Posted by nanciepie
May 28, 2010
I have a 9mo. old standard poodle, who is generally well behaved but when she has to have her bowel movement she gets hyperexcited, running around jumping up on us and trying to bite us. After she goes (her stool is fine) she still remains hyper for a period of time and continues with the jumping and attempted biting. Then she is fine. She presently weighs 55lbs. and is impossibe to control during this time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jun 6, 2010
Hi nanciepie,

Have you seen a flyball or agility competition?
Those dogs get very excited when performing and I often see the owners give a chew rope of stuffy toy at the goal when they just finish performing to release their excess excitment.

How about finding a very favorite toy for your poodle and use that particular toy only for the moment she has a bowl movement?

That way, she will attack the toy instead of jumping up to you, I hope....

Sorry, I can't think of any other answer, except for consulting your vet and change her foods.:confused: