aggresion to other dogs

Posted by foxlawn
Aug 6, 2009
my dog Zoey, a female spayed chow/Sheppard mix is great around people if they let her get to know them or check them out first, she is a sweet heart about 85 lbs., problem is she will show aggression toward other dogs especially smaller dogs, we recently had an incident where she bit a smaller dog, she is protective of her territory with other dogs but not people, we don't have a dog park here and no one close has a dog her size, what can we do to break her aggression?
Lynn Fox
Posted by KOPsarah
Aug 10, 2009
Hi fox lawn and thanks for your post,
Before we look at a full solution for your dog I was wondering whether I could get a little information/clarification. Is she only aggressive to other dogs on your property or is there also a problem while on walks etc?