aggresive young dogue de bordeaux - new member

Posted by trudieblore
Aug 18, 2008
Hi a new member from the uk..i have just downloaded the training course as i have a problem...i two neutured female dogs aged 3 and 4 and a 1 year dogue de bordeaux boy.. they are all great together and they all see my moms 8 year old oy cocker every week.. all was well until 2 months ago my bordeaux attacked my mums cocker (luckily all ok) so i booked him to be neutured and the day before he went for him gain (thankfully all ok) so he was neutured and now when we go to my moms i muzzle my bordeaux..he hasnt gone for my mums cocker again but weve had a few growls... however they walk together fine and always used to play..the vet checked m bordeux but cant see anything wrong... when we go to my mums it is for dinner and we used to feed them at the table ( i knw everyone is probably cringing ) bu we have stopped this now:rolleyes:..... they have 2 30mins good walking a day ...any suggestions please ??????????????????????????????:confused:
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Aug 19, 2008
Its hard to know what causes one dog to dislike another. Did you see what precipitated the first and second attacks? Was it a fight over a toy or food item? Were they all running together and the play got too rough? Getting your pup neutered was the best thing to do. Hopefully, there won't be an issue again. If you hear him growl at your mom's dog---say in a stern voice "Cut it Out!!" Let him know that growling will not be tolerated. Definitely try to walk your dogs before taking them over to your mom's house. And supervise them while they are running around.

I wish there was more to say that could help. You should work with the training exercises to be sure you are the alpha and all 3 of your dogs will listen to you. Good Luck.
Posted by trudieblore
Aug 20, 2008
hi there..thanks for your reply..there was no obvious trigger but i will def keep and closer eye on them..and keep a muzzle on for now !!! :confused: