aggression to dogs and people

Posted by Joanned1
Aug 6, 2008
I have a 3 yr old Chinese Crested. She had been shown and socialized when she was young. I have recently moved to town, where she meets people and dogs and occasionally horses on regular walks. She gets very aggressive! She is relatively obedient -heels, comes, doesn't eat before me, moves when I want her to, and hasn't slept in my bed in about a month. She is no better. I've GRRRRR'd and AAAHHHH'd but it doesn't help. Suggestions? Please help
Posted by foxi7778
Aug 8, 2008
Hi, sorry to hear about your problem. I think if it was me I would go back to basics and resocialise your dog. Socialising doesn't end once your dog has matured, often at around 1 1/2 to 3 or more years your dog can go through the equivalent of a human's teenage stage and become unruly.
Do you have many friends where you have moved to...friends with dogs in particular? It might be an idea to try group walks, at a distance at first for everyones safety.
It might be that your dog is showing signs of nervous/fear aggression as she doesn't know the locals or the area and is just a bit unsure of everything and everyone at the moment.
Also, is your dog spayed? Hormones can play a big part in dog's behaviour.