Posted by pequito3
Mar 30, 2009
HI Im new here and I understand the concept of ignoring bad behavior but my 3 year old Rat terrier/Chihuahua mix has a problem. when people come to visit we usually lock him away until they are in the house and sitting down, otherwise he will jump and try to bite them.He can be laying down sleeping when they are ready to leave and as soon as he realizes they are going for the door he will chase them and bite their legs,pull on their shirts,and grab whatever body part he can. He has actually ripped clothes and drawn blood. My Daughters friends wont come over unless we lock him up until they leave. How do I control the situation? So far the rest of the training is going pretty good.We got him from the shelter when he was one and a half.
Posted by KOPsBecks
Mar 31, 2009
Thanks for your post.
I think the main idea to control this problem is to make sure your dog doesn't get the opportunity to behave this badly again. Whenever he is out he should be on a lead and with a muzzle on, this way if anyone does come to the door you can sharply pull on the lead and say "NO!" as soon as he starts to get aggressive. The second he calms down, reward him lots with praise, pats and treats!
I would also suggest setting your dog up, arrange for someone to come round at a specific time so you know when they will be there and repeat the protocol. The advantage here is that you will be prepared. Also do this when someone is in your home and is about to leave and approaches the door.
Let me know how it goes,

Posted by pequito3
Mar 31, 2009
Thanks I will definitly try that (as soon as i find some willing victims).I will let you know how it goes.