aggressive behavior and crate

Posted by mneel
Aug 9, 2009
I have a year and a half old Border Collie who sleeps in her crate all night long but each night when I put her to bed she becomes very aggressive as I close the door. Once she is in she settles down and goes right to sleep and does not bark or cry all night. It is pretty scary for anyone listening. She also becomes aggressive when I take her for boarding at the kennel. I think she regards her crate as her den but do not like her aggressive behavior. I have tried treats in the crate but that does not seem to work. I also need to put her in a quiet private area or she will growl at anyone who happens to walk buy the crate while she is sleeping. Any suggestions?
Posted by KOPsarah
Aug 10, 2009
hi mneel and thanks for your post,
Before we look at some solution I was just wondering if you practice alpha training with your dog and whether she displays any other forms of dominance such as guarding the door or fence, growling when bones or toys are taken away, or generally bossing people around?
Posted by CuddlesandHugs
Aug 12, 2009
[B][COLOR="Indigo"]Sorry to jump in here but was wondering what you do for alpha training? thank you.[/COLOR][/B]