aggressive older dog meets new puppy

Posted by LBRIGHAM
Aug 23, 2008
I have an 8 year old 110 pound lab who has a history of fighting with my other dogs. I am educating myself with SIT/STAY/FETCH, but in the meantime I have a 14 week old puppy I am trying to introduce him to. So far he has not meet the puppy (he has been in the back yard while the puppy is inside). How do I initiate a meeting and make these dogs friends?

L Brigham
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Aug 24, 2008
Hi there,

You said your lab had a history of fighting with your other dogs but does he always get into a fight, or just sometimes where his meals or favorite toys or something precious to him involved?

Is he obedient to you most of the time? Does he jump on you? Does he know commands like "stay" "leave it" or "be gentle"? If he does and you feel comfortable about him, I would introduce the puppy at somewhere beside your own home or yard, such as a park, somebody else's house, that he does not feel to protect or does not deem as his property. I would have someone hold his leash and you will bring the puppy in your arms, telling him to be gentle. Let him sniff the puppy as he pleases. I am assuming your lab is not the kind of dog to snap or bite other dogs randomly. Again, I am suggesting this based on that you and the person who has his leash can control the situation. You will then see how your lab reacts to this tiny creature and you will go from there.

Good luck