agressive french bulldog

Posted by tetd
Mar 24, 2011
We have a two 4 year old French Bulldogs. They have been together since about 3 months old. They have always got along and it seems as though the smaller white male is the alpha. Our other male a little larger is more docile and laid back.
Recently my daughter, her husband and 6 year old daughter had to move in with us. The also brought their 2 dogs a mini pinch (about a year old) and a jack russell female about 7 years old. Neither of these dogs have anything to do with the two frenchies. Most of the time they stay upstairs and never see my dogs.
Shortly after them moving in my white frenchie start to attack my other frenchie. He is brutal and goes for blood. He will start trembling and if you move to get him or say anything he immediately attacks. Poor Joey's face looks like it's been hit by a meat cleaver. I can separate them and usually put them in separate rooms. Sometimes after 15-20 mins they will get along and the white frencie will be kissing all over the other one other times as soon as they see each other they start again. I thought it was just when I was around but lately it doesn't matter who is around they go at it. I'm lost as to what to do, any suggestions? I'm afraid my Joey is going to have a heart attack he gets so out of breath. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted by kjd
Mar 24, 2011

I'm sorry you are having these problems. It is always scary when one of your dogs attacks the other.

Although I suspect it is the change in the household that precipitated these attacks, I'd still take your two dogs to the vet and make sure they are both healthy. The change in the white could be because he has a physical problem or it could be that Joey is sick and that is why the white is attacking him. The two new dogs arriving could be coincidental.

Although I think you should check with your vet first, I'm pretty sure you will find it is the living arrangements that caused the problem. The white Frenchie is taking his frustrations out on Joey -- new dogs have moved into his territory and he cannot do anything about it. Introducing the dogs and letting them interact might be the answer.

Posted by tetd
Mar 25, 2011
Thanks for the words of wisdon, actually both the frenchies have been to the vet and they are very healthy. They were both nuetered about 2 months ago and that went very well. The vet says that he thinks it is the white frenchie (Tater) is confused as he has been the alpha dog. We are trying to reassure him that his role has not changed but he is really having a hard time. Hopefully things will get better soon.