barking dogs!

Posted by Labwild
Jun 4, 2008
My brother has asked for my help with his dogs since I got your course. He has 2 Golden Retievers, age 3 & 8 who bark constantly when anyone knocks on the door. I know they are letting us know of arrivals but they just won't stop! They do the same when they are outside and guest arrive. They do not jump up or are aggressive, they just want to be noticed 1st and will not stop. They are generally well behaved, with no trainnig and very spoiled by my brother who is definitly not the Alpha Dog. My brother thinks we can stop the barking alone without learning any basic commands or not treating them like kids. I disagree! Can we just stop barking alone? Help!
Posted by Todd
Jun 18, 2008
Hi there Linda and thanks for the post.

You are on the right track there. You can attempt to stop the barking alone but i think your brother will be in for days and days of frustration and getting nowhere.

As you mentioned Alpha training and obedience are two of the keys that help in any behavioural issues so i would give him advice on that and try to get him to control him. If you need specifics i can help but the forum is littered with ideas and you seem like you know what to tell him

Once he has the obedience and alpha issues under control then we can move towards fixing the barking.

The first step is to get someone to someone to visit your house when you know they are coming. Have both your dogs near the front door. When someone knocks on the door and they start barking they need to be reprimanded straight away and sternly. Make sure you use a loud GRRRRRRRR as well as backing it up with something like a yank on the chain if they are on the lead, a squirt with a water bottle or flinging a blanket over them.

Reinforcing the punishment is very very important to reinforcing the right behaviour. The second they stop barking you need to praise them and give them attention, but try not getting them over-excited.

Now you need to be consistent and tell them off no matter how minor or major the barking or whining is. Consistency is so important.

Slowly get them closer and closer to the door as they keep knocking. They can advance if they are well behaved and if not they get told off and have to wait.

This way they learn they will get the attention and excitement of a visitor only if they use their manners.

You will need to do this over and over again until they get the idea. Patience and consistency are they key so don't give up.

Good Luck

Posted by Labwild
Jun 21, 2008
Thanks for the advice!
I printed out your reply to show my brother. He now realizes I'm not nuts about what needs to be done.
Thanks again.