barking in car

Posted by carol-louise
Dec 3, 2009
I rescued a 8 month old ausie/border collie mix last year. My daughter often visits with her 8 year old border collie. I love taking them both to the park to play ball. They play well together.
But, the problem is that the older dog has always whined when in the car. Now, that the two dogs are together in the car, the year dog, Zoe, has started to whine and bark and now even the older dog has started barking. Sam,the older dog, has always whined in the car since we got him-he was three years old at the time. My daughter resorted to a bark collar out of frustration with Sam. How can I stop this behavior in both dogs? They are both quiet on the way home from the park.
Posted by crazycrayonmom
Dec 3, 2009
Sounds to me like they're barking because of excitement. Can you try getting them tired a bit before you put them in the car?
Posted by carol-louise
Dec 5, 2009
Yes, but I am taking them to the park to get tired. Border Collies have enough energy for four dogs....and these two go crazy in the house without the exercise. And, I go crazy getting them there. In the summer I have walked them to the park. Now, it isn't a choice for us.
Posted by kjd
Dec 6, 2009
What would happen if you just stopped the car. Nobody got out. You just sat there until they quieted down? This is the same theory as failing to go forward when a dog pulls. You are failing to get to the park (whether it is leave the car or drive on) when they bark or whine. You'd have to do this when you had lots of time and you might have to leave the car to give them the idea. But nobody leaves the car and the car doesn't move until there is quiet.
Posted by carol-louise
Dec 8, 2009
Thank you. I'll give your suggestion a try. Your right it will probably take time-I'm reading that it is probably an alpha dog thing also.