barking,pulling on leash,jumping on friends who visit

Posted by Bucklees-Mom
Sep 22, 2008
My year and a half old toy poodle male has only 3 problems. He barks at everything he sees out the windows and from the gate of his yard. This annoys the neighbors as well as his owners. When people come to visit, he jumps on them and insists on loving them even though they probably don't want him to. He pulls so hard on the leash that I don't enjoy taking him for walks . It's a strain on me even though he only weighs 12 pounds. How can I teach him not to do these things?
Posted by nan
Sep 24, 2008

I have an 15 month old Golden Retriever that will sometimes bark or growl in an obedience class I have her in right now .......the other evening the instructor brought her dog and my Summer growled. She handed me the breath spray Binaca and I sprayed it around the face (not the eyes) .........I had no more problems. Hope this helps.

Posted by Maggiesmom1
Sep 25, 2008
I've had the same three problems in the past with Maggie. Like the previous post, my trainer also uses "bitter apple" spray for barking, growling, etc... It does work.

Leash Pulling- I have bought just about every type of leash. The BEST so far is the "gentle leader harness". It hooks in the front chest of the dog so the dog cannot use its back/shoulders to pull you. In training class, we used the gentle leader nose/mouth headcollar. It also works well, but the dogs hate it. I ordered my gentle leader harness on line. If you are in the USA, sells it on line. You can see what it is by looking on [url=]Premier Pet[/url] . Alsodo not use a retractable leash and allow the dog to go all over the place. Teach it to walk beside you.

Barking-- you have to actually teach "no barking" and make it unacceptable. I would use a squirt bottle with water and squirt the dog if it barks while saying "no barking!" You must be very consistent with this.

Jumpinghe's a little dog, so he's probably used to jumping up to get attention and to be picked up. You have to be consistent-never allow him to jump up on you if you don't want him jumping on other people. Another way is to put his leash on before you open the door to company and step on the leash to keep him from jumping. Never pick him up if he jumps on you first. Make him sit and wait.

I guess it all boils down to consistency and patience. Good Luck.
Posted by character500
Mar 11, 2009
My name is Geri and I am a new member.I have two dogs,a sheltie named Molly,and a lab named Vanna.As I am new I am not sure how to make my own post,so I am jumping on to someone elses.Please forgive me.The main reason I bought the book is for my lab,Vanna.She is a labs for rescue dog .She is sweet and loving but she has all or most of the traits that made us by the book.I am ashamed to say that she even eats her poop!!!

This morning I used some advice I received from one of the members.When she jumped on me this am for her breakfast,I used the hand up,fingers together,thumb open.She immediately went down to the floor.She even looked quite surprized at the new method.So,thanks to the member that posted the advice.
Posted by 755crsimmons
Mar 11, 2009
you mean.... like a thumbs down?... just as the caesars did it on the roman colleaseam... or how ever is written