biting clothes

Posted by alphawannabe
Sep 30, 2008
I have a 9 month old lab mix male, Rascal, (appropriate name). He has this habit of biting our clothes when we get home, even to the point of pulling your skirt almost off. I've tried ignoring him, turning my back to him, isolating him outside for a timeout, but whenever he comes back in, that's how he greets us. He also still mouths our hands. He's becoming a really good dog other than this last bit of bad behavior. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Posted by shannon99
Sep 30, 2008
Hi, I have the same problem with my 5 month old Pomeranian, she is constantly biting the bottom my pants, my shoelaces, anything she can get into her mouth, also she is always biting my hands. I can be holding a toy for her and she'll try to bite around it to get my fingers, I have tried every solution I can think out and have yet to find one that works so I would also appreciate it if someone could give some advice on this topic, thanks