biting on newspaper

Posted by Lenny-Denz
Feb 8, 2008
I have a lovely (1½) year streetdog, a mixed race.
One problem I like to work on is that:
She picks up the newspaper every afternoon before I come home, and destroys it to pieces!
As a puppy I used to correct Pantera with a newspaper. A friend told me that that's the reason why she destroys all newspapers. Could It? Please Help! How can I stop Pantera from biting up my newspaper?
Greetings from Aruba,
Posted by Todd
Feb 10, 2008
Hi there and thank you for your question.

Yes the reason she may be destroying the newspaper may be due to being reprimanded with it but i will try to help you.

The first thing i think is important is to make sure she has lots of exercise and other chew toys to help divert her attention.

Now the best way to stop her from doing it is to catch her in the act and reprimand her. This may be in the way of growling at her with an AHHHHHHHHH or a GRRRRRRRRR, or you may want to try throwing a blanket over her or wetting her with a water pistol. The second she puts the newspaper down you must praise her with attention and petting. This will help reinforce what is right and what isn't.

The other way of stopping this is to use a deterent. Like Tabasco, sour apple or cayenne pepper on your newspaper. This gross taste often helps deter dogs from chewing on certain items so may be worth it.

Good luck

Todd Field
Posted by Lenny-Denz
Mar 18, 2008
Dear Todd,
Thank you for your advice
Greetings from Pantera and I.