bitingterrier again

Posted by bitingterrier76
Jan 24, 2012
My little terror did it again, all has been okay and he was sitting prone on my lap as he usually does while I watch TV and I happened to touch him and he bit my finger, luckily only nipping the cuticle and bruising the knuckle, I jumped up and we had our growl fest, I squirted him with the water bottle which has no affect whatsoever, then I again walked into the bedroom, his safe place under the bed and said time out and closed the door and didn't go back in for 1/2 hour at least, he came out all loving again as usual, then tonight I was petting him as he sat on my lap and boom he just growled and bit again, not breaking anything on my hand this time, I just give up, I am old and have very thin skin, I am worried that one day he will bite and I will bleed to death before I get help, I love him and yet this keeps happening, I think he like some people must be bi polar seeing he snaps so much??????????????
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jan 28, 2012
Hey again,

Im so sorry to hear about your continued problems! I'm not sure what else to advise other than to try immediately going to time out, instead of trying to growl or squirt him. As I've said, I think your boy may take a lot of time to catch on and calm down in situations like this. So I think repetition and strict time out methods might be the way to go.

I hope someone else can offer more advice, I'm sorry I'm not more help!