Posted by angelr
Sep 19, 2008
My Shih Tzu bites people, mostly children that come over to see my children. I am scared to answer the door if there's a child on the other end, he will probably bite. He has bitten my sons friends, not hard, but not playing either. Some children he is ok with, others, no. We have not figured out which ones he does not like. We can try to spray him with water, but I do not want him to bite at all. I put him in the garage now when children come over, but is there anything else I can do?
Posted by Jay
Sep 20, 2008
how old is your son?

It may be possible that either of your son or his friends must have been teasing your dog thinking they are playing with him.

I think conselling children and monitoring their interaction with the dog will help.

This may take few days or few weeks.

I think this will surely work. Also please check where do you have your dog when you are not around.