Posted by arader
May 14, 2008
we have a 7 month old golden that is doing really well overall with training. However, when we take him on walks or he goes in our front yard (on a leash because he runs), we cannot get him back in the house or back yard. He lays down and is impossible to move. We usually resort to lots of treats and toys to get him in and sometimes we just drag him in...all the while telling him what a good boy he is for "moving." He has started this behavior a bit in the house now as well. When he does not want to go where you want him to be (not in the kitchen alone because he is a counter surfer), he lays down and will not move. If my husband tries to pick him up, he will act as if he is going to bite-not hard but enough to get your attention. Any thoughts? the recall is probably the one area that is going okay but not spectacularly well. He really does a good job in the house and back yard during training but when not in a training mode, he becomes cement!
any thoughts?
Posted by Todd
May 18, 2008
HI there and thanks for the post.

I am glad you are working hard on the obedience and he is doing well most of the time. This is the most important part so well done.

I think the best way to get him to listen to you in the backyard is up to you but there are 2 major ways to do it.

1) Reprimand\
Leave his lead on him while he is in the back yard. Ask him to come to you if he sits or lies down growl at him (an AHHHH or GRRRRR works best) and tug on his lead. This will let him know that it is not okay.

If he looks or comes towards you praise him as much as you can and give him heaps of attention. If he ignores you still growl louder and tug a little bit harder.

BY praising him as he comes to you and reprimanding him when he misbehaves he will slowly learn what to do. You need to be very consistent whenever he does it you need to respond.

2) Ignore

The other option which requires even more patience by you is the ignore method. When he is not responding completely ignore him. Turn away, don't look, touch or talk to him.

The second he starts to look at you or come over praise him just like above.
You need to be very consistent.

Let me know which way you want to go and ask for help whenever you need it. You need to be very patient and i promise it will take time

Good luck

Posted by arader
May 20, 2008
Thank you Todd for the suggestions. We will probably try the ignoring method as we have found out that our wannabe alpha only continues whatever he is doing when we growl. We tried this method with biting and all it got was harder biting! Lemon juice finally worked

My daughters who have been very involved in the puppy's training can ignore him enough. We have been working on this with his jumping as well. He has such a fantastic personality...he just needs to know he's not the boss-even though he is cute! I will let you know if things don't go well!!
Posted by taniajennifer
May 21, 2008
is he getting alot of exercise? i find that exercise is a great remedy for stubborness. probably because they feel more motivated to obey you because you are providing some thing that they love so much and also, they are too tired, mentally and physically, to dig in their heels. maybe make sure that in addition to the training things, he also gets enough exercise?

any one else out there find this to be true too?

- tania