boundary problems

Posted by hele9001
Oct 1, 2008
I have a bookstore, and my bearded collie is always with me, but I don't want het to be in the "client" area but behind the counter. She is so friendly that whenever anyone comes in she jumps at him to greet him. I tell her "out of boundary" and she comes back, but I want her not to jump and greet people without an order. How can I accomplish this?
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Oct 12, 2008
I think you need to work on training her with a "down stay" command....she doesn't get up for any reason unless you release her. It will take some time, but she sounds like a smart dog if she already knows "out of boundary". Have her "down" on a mat or dog bed, and "stay" in that position until you let her up. Then practice with friends coming in the store and give her treats if she continues to stay on her bed as commanded.

Hope that helps...good luck. You are lucky to be able to have her with you all day. That's great.