boxerXrottie escaping to chase cats

Posted by toniandlou
Oct 31, 2009
He's a lovely dog, beautiful, loves kids and great with other dogs but is causing me so many probs with neighbors etc. as he keeps escaping... over neighbors fence, busts past us at front door etc. I also have to fight with him to get out the front door most times. He also cases cows swans etc and people dont like it...this is a problem for me, a single mum in 3rd year uni but we love him and CANT possibly rehome him. he's 19 months old...I need advice please!
Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 1, 2009
Hi there,

just a few questions, so I can give you a better answer. Is he kept in the garden or inside? Does he sleep inside or outside? Does he spend some time alone every day or is someone home with him all the time? How much excersie does he get per week? Does he have toys?

Here are two things that popped into my head to start with
1. stress
2. boredom

1. Dogs that are stressed will try everything to escape. Whenever a door opens or they see an opportunity to get out they will. Stress can be caused if the dog is confused about his status within your family. Does he know that you are the leaders or does he feel like he needs to protect you?

2. Dogs (especially active breeds and especially young dogs) need a lot of mental and physical stimulation in order to live a happy live.
Your dog might be bored and is therefore looking for opportunities to get out and find something fun to do. Chasing cats would be high on the list of things to do. What can help here is to give him some new toys and chew bones everytime he has to stay at home by himself for longer periods of time. Make sure you play fetch and walk him every day for a decent amount of time, so he can burn of energy. Teach him new tricks and practice old one's so he mentally active. Get a neighbor to pop in during the day and throw him a ball to keep him entertained. Get a kong toy and stuff it with treats. Freeze some treats in a dish filled with water and give him the frozen ice block before you leave, so he has something to keep him amused.

I hope that helps. Please let us know how you get on.