brought new pup home at 4 wks

Posted by danathomas1junocom
Feb 11, 2010
I brought home anatolian pup at 4 wks because of mom no longer had milk and no one wanted to care for him
he is now 6 wks and showing some agressive tendencies because of not being imprinted /corrected by mom and litter mates
are there any resources that deal directly with this type of issue??
Posted by LetsPlay
Feb 11, 2010
Hi there,

it's always really sad to hear when puppies are separated from their litter and mothers so early, as they miss out on some much important socialization.
Sounds though as if there was no other chance in your case.

You might like to have a look at this newsletter:

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All the best and let us know how you get on.
Posted by kjd
Feb 12, 2010
Dana, this has been addressed before. Try this link: [url][/url]. The question here was about house-breaking, but crazycrayonmom has had experience with too-young puppies, so is best able to help you.

Good luck with your puppy,
Posted by crazycrayonmom
Feb 16, 2010
Hi Dana,

I don't claim to be an expert on adopting dogs too young, just a bit of experience. If, after reading the link kjd posted, you have any other questions let us know. Good luck!