cavalier king charles puppies

Posted by roger-comeau
Mar 4, 2008
need help please
our cavaliers puppies are smart only 3 1/2 months old.
Can sit, shake paws,and some other minor tricks.
But they seem to forget to poop and pee outside.
I let them out very often but lots of the times they end up doing their chores in the house. During the day they are kept in the kitchen with gates to keep them there with water and a training pad.
They are starting slowly to use the pad but most of the time its a miss.
Lately they are climbing the gates and doing their thing all over the place.
Even when I am home and put them out they still find a way to poop and pee somewhere.
What do I do
Posted by KOPsarah
Apr 20, 2009
Hi there roger, thank you for your post. I apologize for the late reply, I am a new staff member and I am endeavoring to catch up with unanswered posts so that no one is left stranded. I was wondering if you could please give me an update on the puppies and their toilet training. Is there still a problem? If so have they made any progress or has their toileting behavior changed in any way? We apologize again for the delay.