chasing cars

Posted by maymi1
May 15, 2008
6 month old border collie, chases cars, bikes and joggers and now running up to people. He is friendly but likely to jump up which could frighten people especially kids. Any ideas??
Posted by Tarnador
May 16, 2008
Hi there,

my gsd mix used to do this all the time and was once hit by a trailer but he is pretty much ok now.

I started by taking him out for a walk - I knew that when a car passed he would try to chase it - so as soon as he looked at the oncoming car, i said NO firmly and jerked his leash just to snap him out of the moment - this doesn't take very long to do - and you can practice with a friend who could ride past on a bike. Try not to tense up when you see something coming as you will pass the tension on to your dog who will react accordingly.

Timing is everything, you have to snap them out of it the split second that they are alerted to any of the things they like to chase - I'm sure you can tell by now when your dog is going to chase things - it's too late once they are fixated and start to chase. You can either jerk the leash or squirt your dog with water or shake a can of stones - the aim is breaking their concentration/fixation and stopping them from progressing into a chase.

Training works best after a long walk when they are not so excitable.
Hope this works.