Posted by djhawkins4320
Nov 11, 2012
my friend has this 13 year old chocolate lab. we think she has a tumor on her leg. my friend does not want to put her dog thru surgery at her age. she is constantly licking and chewing at the tumor making it bleed. she has tried everything she can think of, but her dog keeps finding a way to get to it. does anyone have any ideas of what she could put on her leg to keep her dog from chewing? she has done the e-collar thing, she has used all the bitter tasting sprays she can find, she needs help
Posted by KOPCaroline
Dec 5, 2012
Hi there, and apologies for the late reply. Has your friend taken the dog to the vet to ask about bandaging or wraps the vet could show her? I'm sure her vet would be willing to teach her to wrap it properly so that the dog can't get access to it...