corgi puppy becoming aggressive

Posted by kodacolor
Jul 1, 2009
We have had our 10 week old corgi for almost a week. At first he was quiet, calm and sweet. For the past 2 days he has become very aggressive and biting and nipping quite hard. He was at first quiet and barked seldomly. Now, when let out of his crate, and after being taken outside on a leash to potty, he no longer comes in to play nicely. He wants to crouch down on his front paws look at us and bark, bark, bark. He also has had a change in appetite, has become finicky and is eating much less. We of course got him toys to play with and have been sucessful at getting him to fetch and bring toys back. This seems to have been when the aggressive barking/behavior started. Any help or suggestions appreciated!
Signed, missing skin! : (
Posted by KOPsarah
Jul 3, 2009
hi kodacolor, there are now two replies to this post in the other category, hope they help