dog behaving badley

Posted by lynn-ingram
Nov 9, 2007
hi i have a german shepperd dog called charlie he is 2 and a half years old, he has started to bark at everything when he is outside in the garden even when there is no one there, he charges around the garden when someone comes to the door , he attackes the letterbox, and tryes to get the postman or anyone if they go a letterbox, he hates the washer , i have got him to sit and wait when i load the washer but he hates it when i put the detergant in if he has sat still i give him a treat, but when he has eat it he goes for the washer agin. he has started to wee in the kitchen i donot understand why he never did when he was a pup, he dose not do it at night or when he is in on his own, but when we are in the door is allways open but he still dose it not all the time but somethimes he nows he has done wrong because when i say whot have you done he will not look at me. when we are out he walkes on his lead and off his lead well, i have no problem with recall he comes even if i just stand still and say nothing he looks and comes back to me , we have lots of fun on the fields that are close by to our house, but he dose not like other people if he has had a good run and someone else comes i put him on his lead he stands chewing his ball as long as they stay about 3 or 4 feet away if they come near he barkes he also barkes at little dogs not big ones its as if he is frightend ofthem i was told this is fear aggresion . i did have a trainner who came out to the house but when he was there he was like a differant dog his behavour was grate, but when he left i did all i was told to and he was as he was before so if anyone can help i would be so gratefull i do not expect him to be perfect , but i would like to be able to go for a walk with him and be able to stop and say goodmorning to people without having to do so from across the road lynn
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
How is your dog doing?