dog behavior problems

Posted by tango1
Sep 30, 2011
HELP! I have a male cocker, 22 months old, and he is so possessive f me that when my husband comes into our room and Tango is lying on the bed with me, he jumps up, starts growling and would bite him if I didn't get a hold of him. My husband can be petting him and Tango will be so loving and sweet and in the blink of an eye he turns into Cujo! I have had him in puppy classes, twice, but he doesn't seem to get the non aggression issue. he even will be lying by me and will turn on me, He has been on prozc for about 10 mths. but I can't tell if it is helping. I need intervention now! I don't want to have to put him down, and everything I try does not work. Please help me! Brenda:eek:
Posted by ChessieSaint
Sep 30, 2011
Did you read the section on dog aggression in the Secrets to Dog Training? I found it to be very helpful and am even considering doing the Training program mentioned there. I'm a dog lover, first, but realize in the situation I am in it is time to be pack leader first and dog lover second if I am going to maintain control for everyone. That said, I love to snuggle with my dogs in bed, but because of the seriousness of your issue, it may be time to make major adjustments....the first being the bed is for humans.....their are huge values in that one simple statement based on dog mentality. this is not saying your dog won't ever be in the bed again, but you must regain control first. Its a hard pill for a dog lover to swallow, but is likely necessary when you mention having to put him down. Obviously, most anything is better than that. I found pages 75-88 to be very helpful ... and also the bonus on being the "alpha". Just remember what is best for your dog and your relationship may not be the easiest for you in the beginning...but the outcome will be worthwhile!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 30, 2011
Hi tango1,

In addition to ChessieSaint's suggestions, have you tried to "time-out" him when he misbehaves? It will be better to ban him on the bed altogether while retraining him but whenever he growls at your husband tell him "No!" and put him in a separate room (physically separate from you) for 10-15 mins. You have to do this EVERY time he misbehaves so that he would understand that he needs to behave well in order to be with you.

Another suggestion is you to keep distance from him (make yourself low profile) for a while. I assume you have been the one who feeds him and plays with him and gives him all kinds of good things for him. Give the role to your husband while you stay back.

As ChessieSaint said, this is a temporary thing and it is not like "you cannot love him or give him attention". To me, the real love is to "train him to be loved and trusted by people around him". Dogs that have learned clear rules and boundaries are happier after all
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 1, 2011
Hey tango,

I agree with all of the suggestions above! But especially you distancing yourself a bit from your dog and letting your husband take over.

When you come home, ignore your dog for the first bit - until he calms down and isn't excited over you anymore. Then you can say hi and give a quick scratch, but don't make a big deal over him. Let your husband start feeding him, walking him, playing with him more. I'm not saying don't interact at all, but you should try letting your husband take more of a dominant role in your dogs care for a while. This will both provide a bit of space between you two so he's not so protective, and will strengthen the bond between him and your husband. I think this will really help the situation.

Keep up with the classes too, those are always really good for dogs with any kind of aggression or anxiety. Try getting your husband to come along and bond with your dog there too.

Hope you see some changes soon. Please let us know how things are going!
Posted by tango1
Oct 2, 2011
thanks for the advice, I have rad the chapter on aggression, but I guess I need to do so again! I am so at a loss that I don't know what to do! this dog can be so loving one minute and Cujo the next! I get so frustrated that I start to cry and that makes things worse around the other family members! Pease, if ou have any other suggestions I would be so glad to hear them. I need Daniel to come to the house to fix this problem, as I seem to missing some steps somewhere!! Thanks Tango1