dog bites evryone in the family except me

Posted by pinkypaws
Apr 28, 2008
I have a very agressive 16 month old dog. We've all noticed before that whenever I was at home, there is not another person he would choose to obey other than me. He even gets angry when my nephews and nieces get near me. On the other hand whenever I get to work (I only get home on weekends) my mom becomes his boss. He tends to protect her the way he does when I am present.

However, lately, just two weeks ago. He has just bitten almost everybody in the household, including my mom. He did that when 1. They were trying to put him on the leash. 2. one of them tried to pick up something near where he was. 3. a niece walked past him. I have joined sit stay fetch very recently, and I can't apply everything to him at once, and since I get home only on weekends, I can only train him during those times. Nobody has the guts to do that, except me. I dont really know what to do, i'm afraid for my family's sake. I will get him neutered next week, would that really help? I want to hire a professional trainer but I'm reluctant since he gets agitated w/ every stranger he sees. Please.. I need replies very soon guys... And please recommend something that might give an immidiate solution to his biting coz training would sure take time.
Thanks very much.
Posted by ssyates
Apr 30, 2008
I would use Alpha Training.The Dog is taking your place while you are gone. I would Hold him down on the groungd in a submisive format. Then have your wife take your place when you let go. Another way to take care of this (In addition) Is never greet your dog when you get home greet everyone else first. It is also recommended that you make the dod sit before it is fed, and make this guy wait about five minutes. Your spouse should do this every single time it is fed. This will teach the dog that he is not alpha. This really works well. Just remember this dog is agressive and you must take control. We did this with our two doodles as one was more aggressive than the other. We switched back and forth to teach them equality. Good Luck!!!