dog that jumps and nips strangers

Posted by DotPie
Oct 4, 2008
We have a 1 year old Weimaraner that was acquired from a shelter at 6 months of age. He had a bad start to life having been caged with his littermates for the first 5 months of his life in deplorable conditions. The puppy mill he came from was shut down, and we adopted him from a shelter last winter. He has come around in alot of ways and we have done alot of socialization with other dogs and people but he continues to haveas major issues with jumping and nipping especially with visitors to our home and our yard. It does seem like it may be that he thinks he is protecting us.

This dog actually belongs to my son who lives with us while going to college. We have paid for private obedience lessons as well as group but my son did not keep up with the training.

Any suggestions to stop the jumping and nipping of strangers would be appreciated. It causes my husband and I alot worry and stress.
Posted by DotPie
Oct 12, 2008
Does anyone have a Weimaraner who could give me some training tips for a 1 year old Weim? Any ideas for helping with jumping and nipping? Thanks.