dogs and bikers

Posted by tlw
Mar 2, 2009
I have a dog that has started lunging when bikers ride by. She recently picked up this 'habit' for some reason and it is embarassing and dangerous. How can I get her to realize that there is nothing to get worked up about? If we are in the car and she sees a biker - no problem. If we are walking and the biker is across the street, sometimes a problem, sometimes not. When she doesn't bark or lunge I praise her. If I see a biker coming down the street I will make her sit and watch the biker and treat, treat, treat. Sometimes we can do okay with 2 out of 3 bikers so I'm wondering if the speed of the biker is a factor. The other day she lunged after a guy on a motorcycle - joy! I have taken her out with me on the bike and her running alongside thinking that may help her and it didn't seem to. Help.
Posted by LetsPlay
Aug 19, 2009
Hi there,

you will need to desensitize her to bikes. Get the help of a friend and practice walking down the street with your dog and have the friend ride past on a bike.
If she starts lunging at the bike, say "no" and keep her close to you.
Your friend should stop and say "no" as well.

A lot of dogs love chasing bikes, because they always "win". The biker always flees from them, which is like a victory, so make sure you friend stops.

Practice, practice, practice.

Make her sit when you can see a bike coming, praise her.

It will take a while, but she will eventually understand that lunging at bikes is off limits and calm behavior gets her a treat.
Let us know how you get on.