eating problem

Posted by gina-ngan
Dec 5, 2009
Polo has been developing a very weir action at feeding time and havent been eating or drinking normally.
I have bought him a pair of new ceramic bowls with a stand about a month ago, before that he has a set of stainless steels smaller on a stand. This new set has 7 dog characters inside the bowl of 7 colors, first day I give him that he had a very weir look at the water bowl for he is very sensitive to red, and he stared at the water bowl with curiosity, usually drinks more when water is full, and seldim finish closer to empty may be trying to avoid licking on the character, but after a while it seems better, but at that time he was teething and lost all front teeth, he hasnt been eating well i thought it was gum problem and tried to add water to the dry food Orijen for puppy. Before teething he finishes very quickly for the breeder trained him to eat only 2 meals at morning and night even at 11 weeks, and we kept it up, and usually finish the whole bowl in5 minutes.
Problem is getting worse when all his teeth are in and no sore gum problem, he still is not eating well or anxious to eat. We have stopped adding water for 2-3 weeks, chewing isnt a problem. My husband who works usually give him dry food at 7:30am, and I wake up 15 minutes later to greed him, before the new bowl he finieshed already before greeting me. since this one he never eats and wait for me to come, and I have to encourage him to eat. We didnt take away the bowl in the beginning of teething feeling sorry for him and he was born May 24th, 2009, need the nutrition, eating 3/4 cup 7:30am and same at 5pm, is that too much?
For about 2 weeks now with all teeth in, problem is more serious, even though he didnt eat well the night before, next morning wait for over an hour and then very reluctantly go to the bowl and look at it , wanting to eat but doent want to come into contact to the bowl, and now rubbing his nose on the floor from few inches around from outside towards the bowl , in few directions for 6-7times or l0, and seems want to eat very much but scare of the bowl.I tried to change to a all white corning and even the previous stainless steel, he still kept on checking the bottom of the bowl, i took away the stand, and even tried put food on sandwich bag on the floor, he does the same thing, when very hungry, will only pick up one and go to his bed and spit it out. should i take away his food in 5 minutes or what , does that make any difference? I tried to skip the meal one time, he was hungry the next morning but still eat half of it and as soon as he is half full he will quickly leave the bowl. I also found him not drinking enough at all, and even after eating dried food tried to avoid to drink afterwards until he is very thirsty later on, I am desperately needing help! Thanks!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 6, 2009
Hi gena,

I would first take your puppy to the vet, just to make sure if it is not because of his health problem. If the vet reassure he is healthy, I would try to change his dog food.

The ceramic bowls you described might have some paints that smell or taste bad to him. Remember dogs' sense of smell is so much better than that of human beings.

Also, is your puppy getting enough excercise every day? Dogs don't get hungry if not well exercised. Are you giving him too much treats? Treats can be as tiny as a grain of rice, don't give him regular size dog biscuits, those are too filling for a puppy.

Let us know what your vet says. Take care.
Posted by kjd
Dec 6, 2009
And do let him use the stainless steel bowls. If he doesn't like them, is there really any good reason to get him used to them?
Posted by gina-ngan
Dec 28, 2009
Hi MaxHollyNoah and kjd,

Thank you so much for your help, I didnt know how to use the computer and waiting for someone to email me rather than checking on line to this web, sorry for late reply.
Anyways, I was about to make an appointment with my vet but she is closed for Christmas, but my son coming home for Christmas suggested a great tip , he noticed that the Orjen puppy food was really hard. My breeder suggested Polo to switch to it a month after I've got him Aug 10, from Eukanuba which was very small and easy to eat. At first he was still eating ok with his teeth, but in a couple of weeks when he lost his upper and lower front teeth , that was when I changed to the new bowl with paintings inside, he did looked at it with wier expression and never finish to bottom, but that was due to his sore gum and not able to finish all, so I soak it with water and he ate half every time.but then when he got all his teeth out, I didnt add water right away, and that is the same time I changed to the new bowl, it was just too hard and he didnt like it or too used to adding water, that was why he seemed to really want to eat but rubbing his nose on the floor towards it in all directions and did not eat it, so I had to starve him a bit but not hard enough feeling sorry for him in his growing age, so he ate just barely enough and not until he is very hungry. Last week he begins to loose weight for he is now at his 8th month and eating only less than half a cup in morning and same in dinner, I was so worry and finally know how to check your emails and before I got an appointment, I tried my sons suggestions to water again, and as soon as he sees water being added to his bowl he came forward right away for the first time in 2 months, and finish everything in 5 minutes, and wanted more by licking the white corning bowl which is not even his firist stainless steel one which is too small and the stand was too low, thank God that he is using the new higher stand, but I replaced the painted inside bowl with white corning which he is licking now, but before with the hard dry food without water, he hesitate all around the bowl and I was confused that he was scare even with this plain white corning, but it was that hard food that was inside, now he is eating happy and normal again!!! Even asking for more every time by licking the bowl!
Anyways thank you so much for your time, really appreciate it!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Dec 28, 2009
Hi Gina,

I am so glad that it was nothing serious but poor boy had to wait for so long to be able to eat well again.

Thanks to your son, why couldn't we all figure that out?

Take care and enjoy your happy puppy!