excessive barking

Posted by barry
Apr 25, 2010
Hi, I have an issue with a 3 yr old registered Keeshound. He is very alert and he seems to hear everything outside during the day or night and he barks. Great watch dog, maybe too good. We can set something down on a table and if it makes a noise he will assume the noise came from outside and barks. He is not that responsive to anyone telling him thank you or that is "enough" to stop. I have gotten up at all hours of the night to see what he is barking at but never see anything but I have heard something outside myself, such as a car door being shut on the street. It is a warning type of bark and when he sees me and I tell him it is ok and to lay down he pretty well does what I request and seems to be good for the time being. A little history on this little guy. I'm the second owner of him, I have had him for 6 months. The original owner a single mother gave him back to the breeder because she could not deal with all the barking. This is the second Keeshound I have agreed to take from the breeder because of behavior problems. The first was a biter and really quite miserable with me, not to bad with the women. I suspected he was beaten. He was a handful at first and bit me 3 times but at 4.5years of age I thought he deserved a second chance [the owners were going to have him put down] Long story short- He passed last year at the age of 14 and turned out to be a great companion which I would not have traded for the world. I would like to give Jake the same opprotunity. I have been told that he has had obediance training in the past. I think with a little help in curbing all the barking he to will be with us for a long time. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Barry
Posted by kjd
Apr 25, 2010
Try teaching him to bark on command. Then don't give the command. Sounds weird, but it sometimes works.

Trouble is, you don't want him to stop barking -- just not bark for what you feel is nothing.

Also, with his giving you warning barks for inside noises -- you might want to check with his vet if there is anything wrong with his ears. Perhaps he cannot tell where noises are coming from.

Sorry I cannot be of much help.