fear of my dog being put to sleep!

Posted by lec382
Feb 25, 2008
My German Shephard Dog, Ares has an agression problem with the male dogs that he lives with in the same household. At first the family and myself thought that it was becaues we have a female dog that was not fixed. The two male dogs (Ares 1y old and Spider 2y old) were going at it every time she came into heat. So, to solve the problem we got her (Pandora 1y old) fixed. In the last 2 days Ares has aggressively attack the other two male dogs (Spider and Bear 15y old) in the house. All the male dogs in the house are NOT fixed, assuming that could be the problem. Ares has caused Spider to have staples put in his upper front leg and now I fear he will do the same to Bear. When the fights have happened I believe that Ares start them but I witness tonight that Spider was sizing up Ares and had to get Spider's owner to call him off. All the other past attack have been Ares just out of the blue jumping on the other male dogs and attacking. If ANYONE has any ideas please share!
Posted by Blue
Feb 26, 2008
Are all the male dogs involved neutered? If Pandora was just recently fixed, it still takes a while (few months) for the hormones to reduce.
If one or both of the male dogs are not neutered, you are dealing with males actively seeking the alpha role so as to be able to breed with Pandora.
In the meantime if the dogs fight again, have a large heavy blanket on hand or a bucket of water to throw onto them to break them up. To separate dogs, grab the most dominant dog by the hind legs and "wheel barrow" him out of the fight - or if there's two people on hand, each person "wheel barrow" a dog out of the fight. Only do this if you feel you can without getting in between the dogs fighting - you don't want to get bitten or seriously injured!
There was another post on interhoushold dog aggression on this forum somewhere, I will try and find it and post the link for you.
Posted by Blue
Feb 26, 2008
Dog on Dog aggression:
Outside/Inside house

Household Dog aggression:

These situations may be different from yours, but there's a lot of good information that you can apply to your dogs - alpha training for one - is vital.
Posted by lec382
Feb 27, 2008
Pandora was spayed in January of this year. So, the hormones are definitely still there. Everyone in the house that ownes a male dog is chasing them away after she pees because they go behide her and lick her pee up. I thought that was the problem. I'm taking a dog training course but I just don't have any hands on training. everytime a look back in my books thats what I keep coming up with but I just needed to hear it from a person that been there done that kind of thing. I do plan to get Ares fixed SOON but no one else is willing to fix their dogs. So it's a losing battle. Thank you for your help, you have some good idea and I'm going to try them next time it happens.