german shepherd bitting and jumping

Posted by ricanj17
Apr 28, 2008
hello i have a one year old german shepherd and everytime i go to his kennel to feed him or clean it he starts jumping on me and bitting my hands and he does this all the time accept when i pet him then when i stop he starts playing rough and bitting my hands which is the reason he outside in the kennel cause my wife cant handle that so i need to know what to do for him to stop---thank you
Posted by Kate
May 5, 2008
Hi there,

German Shepherds make great pets, but they are very smart and energetic animals. This is why they are used as police dogs, and so need to be kept active as much as possible.

Is your dog in the kennel all the time?

His jumping up and biting is an indication that he is bored and all his pentup energy comes out each time you go to see him.

The first thing you need to do with your dog is make sure he gets exercise everyday. For a large dog this will mean at least an hour a day, but preferably more. Many behaviour problems are substantially improved just by increasing the amount of exercise they get. Now that is obviously easier said than done, especially when he is jumping up on you and biting. But if you can get a lead on him and start walking him (even if it is just in your backyard until you feel more confident), that should make a huge difference in his behaviour. He may be difficult to control at this stage and a halti or gentle leader might help control him during walks - you should be able to purchase one of these from your vet or pet shop.

Secondly, you need to take charge and become the alpha. You need to start asserting yourself as the boss, and any behaviour that is unacceptable needs to be reprimanded immediately with a loud guttural AAHHHHHH sound. When he tries to jump up, turn away and say AAAHHHHHH! As soon as he gets down, say "Good boy" and give him a pat. The process of teaching your dog to submit to you is not always an easy one especially when they have gotten away with doing what they want, when they want for a long time. It can be done though and relies on you be persistent and repetitive.

Start with these first few steps and let me know how it goes. I'll be happy to give you some more advice

Good luck