great dane stubbornness

Posted by AKS
Apr 27, 2010
Hi, I have 4 months Gdane "puppy", now grown well. He is otherwise perfect but he resists training. He possibly tries to ignore or challange me if I give commands. He has learned sit and down commands, but doesn't respond to "NO" and continues his actions especially like climbing on our bed, trying to nip on sofa, picking up sofa cushion, pulling on pants. I have to physically remove him or stop him doing so. he also doesn't stop bitting hand while playing - If I say a firm NO - he resumes after fraction of second. He can't be distracted towards any of his toys which are good ones. He doesn't play with them alone. I have to play with him, only then he plays with the toys. In the lawn, it is virtually impossible to stop him from picking plants, even if I remove, he reaches there within second, as if he won't care.
One example is - when we are sitting on our bed, he tries to climb on, I say a firm NO, he continues. Then I push his front paws down on floor (he is only half on the bed by that time) he comes again or comes from the other side of bed.
Posted by kjd
May 1, 2010
Truly, he is just being a stubborn puppy. He may not even understand "No" as meaning "stop whatever you are doing now and don't do it again." He may think it means "stop peeing" or something else. Dogs don't naturally generalize and English is definitely a foreign language.

I can remember the saying "no" while putting the dog back on the floor. And doing it over and over. It takes patience and consistency. The problem is, we often get so frustrated patience flies out the window.

For toys, some dogs like to play with them. Other dogs couldn't be interested less. Just like some kids like to read mysteries. Others like to read comics. Others don't like to read at all.

Do take your dog to puppy class, if it isn't too late. Otherwise, enroll in an obedience class. You will not only get quality time with your dog and help with your problems, but you will also see that other people are having the exact same problems.

Good luck,
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
May 4, 2010

I don't see your GDane being stubborne but he just simply hasn't got it. For example, his climbing up on the bed when you are sitting on it seems like he just wants to get close to you. It is too tempting for him. You might want to teach him not to climb on the bed when you are not sitting on it. Catch him putting his front paws on the edge of the bed, and say "Uh uh". When he turns around and looks at you, tell him "Yes! Good boy!" and offer him a treat when he comes to you.

It is much easier to give him a command that conflicts with what he is trying to do to distract him, rather than stopping some particular behavior. In this case, when he comes to you to get a treat, he can not climb on the bed at the same time.

Eventually, you want to teach him a command "Off!". As he becomes more obedient and receptive to commands, he would understand the command "Off". It is handy when you walk your dog on the sidewalk too. When my dogs get on the lawn on someone else's front yard, I say "Off" and they move back to the sidewalk.

When you are sitting on the bed, your puppy might just want to sit next to you so it will be better for you to practice "Off" when you are not on the bed.

You will need to address all the things he shouldn't do separately with patience and cosistancy until he really understands the concept of "things he is allow to do" and "things he is not allowed around the house.

Good luck