how do i get my puppy more interested in me

Posted by Dianne-Winter
Jul 9, 2010
Hi everyone, I need help with my 12week puppy Buddy. When we go out he seems more interested in everything else except me. How can i get him to be more focused on me? Thanks for any help
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jul 10, 2010
Hi Dianne,

I can tell that you really love your new puppy and I am so glad that you are trying hard to raise him as a well-behaving dog.

Think this way - your pup spends 95% of time at home. 5% being outside of home should be something really special for him, especially the outside world is full of exciting things and smells!

My own dogs always want to be with me and I am so special for them but once we step out the door, they are so excited and enjoy the outside world, more than ME But it is just the way it is and I am so happy that they are enjoying our outings! If they don't get excited with walks, I would worry about them, something must be wrong with their health...

However, I always want to get their attention when I need it so sometimes I carry my treat bag when we go for walk. As we walk, I call their names and when they turn around and look at me, I would give a treat. Other times, I just call their names randomly and keep talking to them. When I walk them, or take them to the dog park, I always pay full attention to my dogs. Some people talk on cell phone while they walk their dogs but I don't think it's a good idea. If you want their attention, you should give your full attention to them.

Another thing you might want to do is to feed only half of his meal in his bowl and feed the other half of the meal from you hand; a few kibbles at a time as you talk to him and praise him.

I understand that your dog lives outside so it is hard for you to spend as much time with him as having him live inside. This is a personal choice as long as the outside living conditions are acceptable (such as climate, etc.) but I think there is a tremendous difference in communication with your dog if he lives inside and being included in all the family acitivities and routines, vs. being left outside by himself. I personally believe all dogs should live inside as long as they are companion dogs. Working dogs and farm dogs are exceptions.

Anyway, spend time with him and play with him as much as possible, and make trainings as fun games for him Good luck!