Posted by nikki85
Mar 12, 2009
I was wondering what the easiest way to get a hyper ACD to meet people and not jump on them. He gets really hyper and starts jumping and biting (not real hard almost like play biting) at anyone other then me, my husband, and our daughter. I tell him to sit and he does for like 5 seconds then he jumps and starts barking. Today I was trying to get control of him and he pinched my hand with his teeth hard enough to leave an instant bruse. He is now just over 4 months and already really strong. Strong enough to pull me off balance when he wants to get to someone. I also have a hard time walking him when we go for walks with my daughter. He does really good with me walking with him. He will stop pulling when I tell him to when he is just with me but when we bring my daughter he will pull and pull and not stop to the point where he is coughing and trying to catch his breath but he still pulls when this happens. The only time I can walk him is at night as I am a stay at home mom and my husband is in the military so he dosent get home till late. I have tried the random walking with my daughter around but he just goes crazy and pulls at the leash and bites the leash and barks. I dont know if it is because he is really protective of her or whats going on. I really need some help because he is starting to wear me thin. Thank you.
Posted by KOPsBecks
Mar 13, 2009
Lets deal with one problem at a time: firstly the jumping up on people.
The most important thing here is that you are consistent, it is important that your dog doesnt jump up at you or anyone else.

If a dog jumps on you, stand upright, don't make eye contact - completely ignore, cross your arms and stand with your feet a little spread apart. Eventually she will stop jumping, when she does, that is the time to lean down to their level and pet calmly. You can teach other people to do this too.

If he jumps up on other people and you are around you can use a tin filled with stones and shake it everytime he jumps up to put him off and shock him, then say "NO" very loudly and with assertion. This will be especially effective if your dog listens to you normally but sometimes just gets over excited. Make sure to reward him for good behaviour around people.

One suggestion if your out walking use a long lead, even one of those retractable leads and if he runs towards people, let him go but if he goes to jump, correct him first with your voice "NO", but if he does not listen then pull hard and sharply on the lead to correct him. Reward him for then not jumping up and call him to come back to you. Possibly try this the first few times with people who are prepared for a dog to come running towards them, like friends or family.

It is important to reinforce the obedience that he already has so I suggest taking him to obedience classes. It is much easier to control a dog who is regularly taught to listen to you and they really enjoy it too!

Good luck,