i don't think i can do this.

Posted by singinmedic
Jul 24, 2008
can anyone help me? i am ready to give my dog away.

My husband and I adopted a puppy a week ago, and it has been the longest week ever. I just don't know what to do anymore, and thought I would put out a plea to as many experts as I could.

He is a three/almost four month old yorkipoo, and in general, is a very loving and overly attached dog. He has seemed to make some progress in potty training, but has peed in the house the last two nights, despite taking him out. He has started to increase chewing the past couple of days, as well as increasing his jumping. I have worked on making a loud noise and saying "leave it" when I don't want him to touch something...sometimes, he does well w/ it, and other times, completely ignores me(esp when trying to get at poop to eat). I have tried the clicker, and I am not too convinced he is getting it. He wakes me up every morning attempting to jump on our bed. I have tried to say no, or down firmly, and he keeps jumping(seems to think it is a game?)...we have sprayed him w/ a spray bottle-he just lets his face get wet. Last night, i sprayed a towel w/ bitter apple and tried to hang it over the side of the bedno effect. I tried to click and treat him when he would go on the floor and praise him as much as I could...didn't seem to work. I turn away from him and ignore himhe jumps more and starts yelping. It is so hard to not get angry at him. The one thing he has mastered consistently is sit...when not jumping anyway.

I thought last night I would do my best to make him tired so maybe he would sleep longer. I took him for a longer walk during the day, then took him for one at night. Later, I ran back and forth w/ him and played tug of war(till panting). Then, after he fell in the bathtub(because he wouldn't stay down when asked), he went on this insane running thing around the house for abot 10 minutes(until he was panting). Totally don't know what that was about. I didn't get to bed till after midnight, and got up at 0515..and he still woke me up early. I think I took him out about 5 times last night, and I caught him peeing once before bed time(in the house), and then there was a wet spot this AM.

I feel like such a failure, and really thought I would be a better handler. He starts barking and crying when we leave him alone, or even outside. He can see us through the shower, and still jumps up on the doors.

People who know me know that I love dogs more than the average person. I want to meet every dog i see, even the "scary" ones. I think that is why I feel like more of a failure--because at this point, I am ready to give him away. I know it has only been a week, and that makes me feel badly too. I am just trying to figure out if maybe we just don't have the time to commit to him and really train him, or if we should just try and hang in there and see if we can make progress. It is feeling like 2 steps forward and 1 back...or 6 back, depending on the day.
Posted by Annie
Jul 24, 2008
Hi there,
I wrote a bit on your other post...
Posted by mustang71
Jul 30, 2008
I think you should invest in a crate to give your pup a "safe"place. Do not ever use it for punishment or when you are tired of dealing with your pup. this way, you will enjoy some well needed sleep. Your dog will learn to alert you when it needs to go outside. I think you may be trying to utilize the clicker too soon as well. Your dog needs to master the basic commands. Come, Sit, Stay and heel before you go to the next level. Give it some time, as your dog is getting used to the new home and to you. You must be patient-trust me, I have a wild Dane puppy and I came to work crying many a morning due to lack of sleep and frustation. Try a puppy class - it really helped me learn how to handle my dog.
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Jul 31, 2008
I also immediately thought-you need a crate. Puppies love them. You should be putting him in the crate at nightin your room or another room. They usually won't potty in the crate if its the right size--not too big but dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably.

Thinking exercise is a good plan--yes, puppies need to run and play to make them tired.

I would also walk him on a leash outside if the poop eating thing is a problem. That way you can get him away from dangers.

Potty training is the most difficult part of having a puppy. Lots of praise helps and its just timing on your part. Don't give him "free reign" of the house until he is potty trained. You can tie him with a rope to a door handle or to your belt loop to keep him in the same room you are in. That way you will be able to keep an eye on him at all times. This will help with the chewing too. If you can't watch him, put him in the crate.

Always praise him when he goes into the crate--a little treat is good too. Its a "great place to be".

I think you have just given him way too much freedom this first week. You need to reel him in immediately!!

I found that giving lots of bones to chew helps. If he starts chewing on something else (furniture legs, shoes, etc...) just "trade" him a bone and say good dog when he takes the bone to chew instead.

Good luck--its worse than having a 2 year old, I know. But these bad stages will pass.
Posted by callellen
Aug 4, 2008
The replies I have seen here are good suggestions. The best thing I can tell you now having had puppies all my life, is that what you are going through is very common. You've only had your puppy for ONE WEEK. It took my last puppy 2 years before he really got it. Some breeds got it faster. (If I had been smarter and more consistent, it would have happened faster, too) You will definitely have to have your act together and be consistent for a long time to come to get this baby to understand it's place in your family. Having dogs is more like having a child as far as the work involved in their rearing. It is a huge commitment. I truly hope that you find the strength you'll need to do what is needed for your dog. I absolutely KNOW it will pay off hugely for you in the end, if you are willing to do what it takes for as long as it takes.... good luck to you!
Posted by foxi7778
Aug 11, 2008
Hi, can I just ask what you are feeding your dog as he sounds a bit hyper? Also, it's been a while since your origonal post...do you still have him? are things any better?
Posted by singinmedic
Aug 20, 2008
I apologize for not writing sooner. we have obviously been a bit busy! for those of you who suggested the crate, that has worked really well for night time. he doesn't like it if i have to put him in during the day, and cries and howls. the kong is not helping too much, but we keep trying. he is better at not immediately barking when we get home, so that is an improvement. potty training is progressing, and he is learning some skills w/ a clicker. i plan to take him to puppy preschool hopefully(even though the online book is supposed to make us not have to do that...), so we can get me on the right page. i can't even tell you how many books i have been reading/videos i have watched(i kind of wonder if that makes it worse...too many ways to do one thing, how do you pick??).

our biggest issue is that when we leave the room and leave him alone(tied up..to go get something from another room, not just to leave him there), he FREAKS out..barks and barks and barks(and when in the crate in the day). because i am w/ him the most, he gets worse when i am the one who leaves. the penny can just makes him bark more. so, that is our BIGGEST frustration by far. everything else is pretty "deal with-able"

he is growing though, and so are we. i still cry sometimes, but am doing ok w/ the process. it's about training us as much as the dog really! ha!

for the person who asked about his food..we feed him puppy chow. and he is not as hyper as he used to be. his jumping has improved. i am wondering how much it had to do w/ just being in brand new home and what not.

thanks for all of the feedback, and again, i apologize for the delayed response. any thoughts on the barking would be great!!:rolleyes:
Posted by foxi7778
Aug 21, 2008
Hi, good to hear that things a getting a bit better. Like you say, a lot of the problems could have been down to being in a new environment and he just needed some time to settle in. I'm afraid the best way to deal with barking is to ignore it or try to teach him the "quiet" command, but this will only work if he barks when you are with him......if he barks whilst you are in the room wait till he stops then say "quiet" and give him a treat. A few tries of this and you should be able to get him to be quiet on command, mid bark. I think a puppy class is a great idea, as no amount of reading compares to hands on experience and you may be able to pick up tips from other puppy owners and the trainer. Keep your chin up, it can only get better
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Aug 21, 2008
Hi singinmedic,

I am glad to hear that crating works at least at night. Now you can get better sleep:.

As for barking when left by himself, can I ask you a question? Why do you tie him when you leave him? Tieing or leashing gives dogs more insecure feeling (at least I think). When you just leave him for a couple of minutes to go get something, tell him to "Wait". Do this many times starting just gone for 2 seconds and make it longer as he gets better. Every time you get back to him, praise and give him a treat. This will tell him that you won't be gone forever and he only needs to "wait" a little bit and he can get treats. Make it like a game at first so that he will enjoy learning it.

Soon you will be able to tell him "Take good care of the house. I will be back soon" when you have to leave for an errand, etc.

Good luck
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Aug 30, 2008
Just a word about food.... You said you feed your puppy "Puppy Chow". Have you thought about the ingredients ? Look here at the first 3:

"[B]Whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal[/B], brewers rice, soybean meal, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E), barley, dried beet pulp, animal digest, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, fish oil, salt, potassium chloride...." etc.

Dogs are [U]carnivores[/U] and don't need grains like corn in their diet. Corn, Wheat and Soy are actually the 3 top causes of food allergies in dogs. Corn ferments in the stomach and causes gas, excess poop stool, and could cause vomiting.

Chicken By Products consist of "non renderded" clean parts of carcasses of slaughtered poultry such as hands, feet, and various other parts. :eek:

Corn Gluten Meal is a high calorie filler and substitutes animal protein sources in low quality pet foods. It should be avoided.

So....PLEASE rethink what you feed your growing puppy or adult dogs. There are much better foods available. You have to read the labels. Make sure the first ingredient is always a real meat like "Chicken" or "Beef" or "Lamb". Avoid any by-products and avoid corn.

I feed Maggie "Solid Gold" or "Natural Balance" dry foods which are very high quality food. You can order them online or look at their web pages for info on where to buy them. You can't get good dog food at the grocery store!

I find with these higher quality foods, they cost more, but the dog eats less to fill up. And the poops are much easier to pick up! I also think the vet bills down the road will be less because she will be healthy.

Also, every time I pick up a new bag, I try a new flavor so that she doesn't get tired of eating the same kibble day after day. :cool:

I hope that helps. I know you are dealing with a lot with training a new puppy and now I've just added a whole new idea to think about. :rolleyes: