my digging dog

Posted by jentrost
Apr 29, 2010
I live on 10 acres. Most of us are gone during the day. One of my dogs goes inside and the other (the digger) stays out. He is not trustworthy inside by himself. We catch Boomer digging everywhere. We stop him, say No or uh uh and he stops. I use ammonia or pepper on the spot and so he picks another spot. I cannot cover 10 acres in wire mesh. We are in the process of creating a very large run for both dogs to be in while we are all gone from home. This area is huge. Like 25ft x 125ft. I want the dogs to be able to run and play while we are gone at work or whatever. I know Boomer will dig in the new yard once the fence is installed. The smaller area will help us in stopping the digging, but again, i cannot put wire down on such a large area. Any suggestions? Boomer is not a year yet and has tons of energy. He is half pit and half bull terrior. He is very smart, but needs so much attention. He has mellowed a lot, but has so much further to go. He used to poop right in front of the house I am living in. I used ammonia and finally got him to go elsewhere. Now he goes in front of the main house. Why does he poop so close to home? I have never had a dog do this. Thank you.
Posted by kjd
May 1, 2010
I have a digging dog too. Some people think she is digging up the objects the previous dog buried, and it is true she does dig some up. I've thought of getting her a sandbox and teaching her to use it (right now, the cost is too high for me). You might try this with your digger. You load the sand with prizes for him to dig up.

Posted by luv-big-paws
May 9, 2010
Hisaw your post on digging dog. Sounds like he feels left out, bored, and misses your or whateverthey usually have a purpose--"notice me."

I found out with my two new big dogs (part Pyrenees and a leonberger, 6 1/2 mo and almost 5 mo) they dig when I am in yard to socialize with them; funny they dig only where I dug! If only I could teach them to be sure it is a dandelion only area! Also, just had sprinklers fixed and they dug where guy who fixed them dug! Nice fresh dirt and guess if humans did, so can we! So, cayenne, catching them in act and peppering place, turning my back when they follow me to place and say "no" and point. Then, later, give them something to keep them busy (when they have forgotten per books) and they do love to keep the same toy so a big tug of war helps. Maybe you could get your pooch toys (one at a time, Kong toys, etc. to prevent boredom? Getting older may help, and I know how hard it is when working. The Vet said I could give my big puppy a Benadryl as he gets uneasy in some situations (had to take trees down, etc.). Check with your Vet. Also, just heard about a rescue dog whose owner got that Rescue remedy and she said he is a changed dog and more relaxed! I am thinking about it also. It's at

Good luck,

Luv Big Paws