my dog wants a chicken dinner

Posted by troll
May 13, 2008
Hi, can any one tell me how to stop my 14 month rescue Lab/Newfoundland x from chasing my hens? I have a retriever and collie who would also love to chase them, but they dont just because I say they cant. The new boy is responding quite well to basic training, but dosnt always listen if there are chase-able distractions around.
Posted by Todd
May 15, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post

This is a very common problem and while i can suggest a few things but some dogs will continue to worry animals no matter what we do.

I think the best way to control this is to use a long lead system. This gives them the feeling of freedom but at the same time you the control over what they are doing.

Start with giving him a metre of freedom on the rope. If he starts to show interest in the hens growl at him with a GRRRRR or AHHHHH as well as a yank on the line. Call him back to you. IF he comes back praise him as much as possible.

By telling him off for showing any interest in the hens we are aiming to cut the whole process.

As he slowly learns give him more and more lead. The more well behaved he is the more lead he gets but the same reprimand if he shows any interest and praise from leaving them alone.

There are also some other things you can try. There are remote ultrasound collars that send out a high pitched whistle that can be great to give them a fright from a distance..

Good luck and please let me know how things go and if i can help anymore