my dogs is aggressive with my neighbour's dog

Posted by tarek
Jun 23, 2008

I have a Rottweiler 11 months old (Rolf)
My neighbor bought a 5 months german shepherd.
Rolf is aggressive with other dogs, but I really wish if he could get along
with my neighbour's dog so they can play together and even be left together
without problems.

since we r still talking about the same subject, Rolf is also very aggressive with people walking near our garden fence, or even when they r walking 30 feet far from our fence he jumps on the fence, barks furiously as if he is gonna kill someone.

on the contrary, with guests coming in the garden with us, if they dont show fear from him, he is very friendly.

Posted by Todd
Jul 14, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the post.

I think the first thing to talk about is the aggression around the fence and with passers by. This is a classic sign of territorial aggression.

Here is how it works. Every time someone walks past your fence or near the fence your dog barks and gets aggressive towards them. They carry on their journey and your dog feels like he has won because they left.

Now it is quite simple problem to fix. The best way is to stop your boy being able to see out onto the street and jump up at people.
So there are a few ways you can do this.

1) When you are home make sure to tell him off the second he gets aggressive towards anyone passing by. Whether it be a small bark or rushing. Now the best way to do this is a way where he won't get any attention from you. Use a can with a few stones in it to throw near him or squirt him with a hose. After he has had a fright then tell him off with a GRRRRR or AHHHHHH.

2) When you are gone it gets a bit harder. Either you can move him to an area where he can't see out eg keep him in the back yard or somewhere away from the fence. The other option is to heighten the fence or cover any spaces with polythene so that he can't see them.

Now it is also to deal with alpha issues as well as working on the obedience. I can go over this with you if you need to it but it is outlined in KOP or other posts.

As for getting along with the neighbours dog you need to invite them over and have a controlled socialisation. This will give them the chance to get along and get over there issues.

You need to be gradual and start in a non-threatening place like your house or yard.

Start with people he is a little familiar and move towards more "foreign" people and situations. In this way it will give him the best chance to bet through things.

Find a section of your yard that is free from distraction.

1) Have the dogs (whether you start with the neighbours dog or a dog he has met a few times before) sitting around 5 metres apart. Have both dogs on their leads.

2) Make your boy sit. If he refuses reprimand him, and the second he follows your command praise him with attention and petting.

3)If at any stage he growls, stands up, barks or does anything you don't want him to you must reprimand him.

4) After him sitting quietly for 2 mins you can take a step forward. He should stay at your side and follow your order when you tell him to sit. Again reprimand and praise as appropriate.

5) Step by step get the 2 dogs closer and closer.

6)The first few meetings don't let them meet, this will only makes things worse.

7) After a few days the can meet face to face while still on the lead. Only gentle play is allowed. Again reprimand and reward.

After a few more days of this let them off together but always keep an eye on them.

Start with one dog and after a few good sessions where they get along then you can try with other "strange" dogs. Slowly build up his confidence.
Remember to tell off aggression and praise good behaviour.

Once he has mastered your yard move out into the neighbourhood and slowly to more and more dog populated areas like dog parks.

Good luck and please let me know how things go and if i can help anymore

Posted by tarek
Jul 17, 2008
Hi Todd

thank u for ur reply which is very helpful
i started to deal with the territorial aggression issue, but not yet the neighbour's dog matter.
it seems that he is becoming more and more relaxed towards strangers walking outside the fence, especially when i am with him. sometimes when he sees a stranger, he looks attentively to him as if he would start to get aggressive, but then he looks at me as if he is asking me: what should i do
this is when i order him to sit or come to me, and actually he obeys even after a few seconds.
sometimes when training him obediance training, i use the leash to give him a strong tug or flick, may be more than once, that gets his attention or makes him stop his growling and barking especially when the water hose is not available.
now the new question: some people watching me during training told me that telling my dog off each time he barks at a stranger will probably make him less protective in real cases when intruders or burglers gets in the house, or in case someone attacks one of my familly members. is this true? if yes what should i deal with it?
thanks again for your help