new to the game

Posted by khumo
Apr 23, 2008
Hi all,
I am only new to the dog training game, i have had a few dogs in the past but have never worried about training them as i haven't really had the time.
I just purchased a pure bread Rotty, he is only 10 weeks old and is on the playful side, he nips the kids and chews the boots, cloths, chairs etc, it looks like he is going to be a bit of a problem unless i get on top of things pretty early, my first question is can more than one person in the family spend time training him, where do we start, any help would be much appreciated.
Posted by Todd
Apr 28, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question.

I love rotties so always like to hear from someone who shares the love.
Many people have the wrong idea about Rottweilers, they can be very boisterous and hard to handle but with good training and patience they are the most loving and protective family dogs.

Firstly yes i think it is a great idea for everyone in the house to take a part in training him. Make sure that someone takes the lead and gets him well trained to sit, stay and come before you start having other people train him.
Make sure you use a quiet and secluded area to train him with few distractions and keep training sessions short so his attention doesn't wander.

Now to the other issues you have started having with him. Nipping and chewing are a common puppy problem and can be solved. The 2 main things to remember are to be patient and be consistent. Mixed messages often do more harm than good so make sure that everyone knows what they have to do

Nipping -
I have a few ways to solve this and it all depends on what your puppy responds best to.
The best way is to sit down in a quiet chair. Let your hand rest over the arm at a height your puppy can get to.
When your puppy nips at you or your clothing turn to your puppy and give him a loud GRRRRRR or AHHHHHHH. Then turn back around.
When he comes back to you and nips again do the same as above but stand up suddenly to help give him a fright.
The next time he does it squirt him with a water pistol and tell him off.

With time he will learn that nipping is not a good thing. It will take time and you need to make sure you tell him off every time.

He may be a slow leaner so may need a little tap on the nose to get the message through but leave this till last.

As for the chewing on things -
He needs to be caught in the act so that he can learn that it is not okay.
When you catch him with a sock or something then he needs to be told off straight away. Give him a GRRR or AHHH as well as a squirt with a water pistol . Then take the sock off him and put him in a time out room so he can think about it for a bit.

Make sure you don't tell him off when you get home and find he has chewed on things don't tell him off as this will only make him confused what he is getting told off for.

The other idea is to plant some socks in a place he will find but instead cover them with a bad tasting substance like sour apple, cayenne pepper or tabasco. These will help deter him.

Good luck with him and please let me know how things go