over excited, biting

Posted by goddarddandcmchsicom
Jun 12, 2012
Help, I have read tons of literature and still no answer. My 10 mos old german shepherd is the best and loving, most often she is obedient to basic commands. Takes treats gently from my hand after sit command etc. Leash training not going well however. Problem, she will be fine in play or training then all of a sudden decide to start grabbing my arm with a 'strong' bruising 'bite' and becomes 'agressive'. I get her down on her side and try to get her under control. It lasts for several minutes. She is a bit on the high strung side and I work to stay calm and in control. This worries me as I do not seem to know the secret to stopping this situation from occurring. It is spontaneous to her with limited cue as to when she decides to go 'crazy'.
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jun 14, 2012
Hi there and welcome to the forum!

Sounds like a bit of a handful!

I'd suggest immediately turning your back and ignoring your dog when she starts to act up like this. Get your arm away from her, the turn around and just ignore. You can try growling at her, saying "no" or 'enough" at the same time as turning away, but some owners have better luck without a verbal command.

If she jumps up or keeps trying to get attention, take a couple steps away or just keep turning your back to her, moving in a circle.

It doesn't sound like its an outright aggression problem - more a play induced reaction, so I'm hoping this kind of training with see her right.

You could also try making a loud noise with either your body (stomp your feet, clap hands, shout "oi!") or an object (can of coins or stones, air horn) or have some other bad stimulus (water pistol in the face) when she starts. The aim with this sort of training is to shock or startle her out of the behaviour when she starts it. Obviously this means you might have to carry an object while training, but I know this sort of thing works really well.
Posted by goddarddandcmchsicom
Jun 17, 2012
Good Morning Caroline,
Thank you so much for the pointers! I have tried the can with marbles with Liberty and she has become immune to it. I do believe I will try the squirt water bottle. This is so spontaneous with her and yes, it does appear 'play' oriented as in 'I don't want to stop playing or I don't like this work businessLet's stop okay'! She is such a great girl overall. I am caring for my son's 2 dogs as well--a 14 year old infirm boxer Zoe and a 10 year old high strung Schnauser Jax. This tends to complicate matters. Lybee thinks Zoe is her mother and licks, tries to play and snuzzles next to her which Zoe hates! I don't want Lybee to get a rejection complex!
Anyway, I so appreciates your suggestions. Have a great day! c.
Sending you a picture of her--I think it will attach!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jun 25, 2012
Hi again,

Awesome picture - she's beautiful!

Hope you're having more success with the water squirts than the marbles. I wouldn't worry too much about her being told off for nuzzling and seeking mom-attention from the other dog, its perfectly natural and probably a good thing for her to get told off when she's getting to be too much

Keep us updated, please, keeping fingers crossed!
Posted by goddarddandcmchsicom
Jun 25, 2012
Thank you Caroline.
The squirt h2o bottle seems to be gaining traction, methinks! Lybee appears a little stunned and looks up at me like 'what the heck was that all about'!The positive point is she seems to think twice before she tries to grab my arm and makes the appropriate decisionso far!! We will keep up the work of developing good manners. She seems to be toning down a little overall. I have a certified specialist coming to work with us on the leash business and her over-reactivity with an on coming dog or jogger. I got a Ceaser Milllan 'illusion' collar as the leash comes out on top where she can't eat it or keep the leash in her mouth I feel I have better control---she is a strong girl!!
Thanks again for your suggestions.
Regards, Cheryl and Liberty