play biting

Posted by Jan-Smith
Dec 9, 2010
Mable, a 1 1/2 tr old Jack Russell came to my home 6 weeks ago after being "left" with a neighbor when her first family moved. She was roaming the neighborhood for about 3 months, getting fed here and there, etc. I brought her home and we've onlt had trouvle with play biting, I tried the yelling like I was hurt when she did it, that seemed to excite her and she did it more. I was told the first family had 2 boys ages 4 and 6 yrs, I think they probably rough played with her, at times she cowls down like she is afraid if I move quickly or she hears a loud noise. All that to say, my great-niece 18 months old spends a lot of time with me, yesterday was a disaster. Mable kept running at her knocking her down biting her pants and shoes. I was afraid she might bite the baby and ended up having to separate them for most of the time. I don't crate Mable during the day, I am gone long hours and she plays, looks out the window etc and has not destroyed or had an accident in the house. I have read on Jack websites that one should never mix children under 6 with a Jack but others will say it's not a problem. I just need to make the best choice for both.