problems when walking on lead

Posted by zena
Sep 16, 2008
We have recently adopted a 13month old German Shepherd x she has settled in very well and adores our 12yr old Jack Russell she has been in the rescue kennels for about 5/6 months having been abandoned, she has had basic training as she will sit,stay,wait but the problem is when we are out on our walks, she is very good now we have her on a training lead, but when another dog approaches she gets highly excited and nearly pulls me over and sometimes she gets aggresive too, i try not to go tense but i think she is picking up my fear that i cant control her,ive had her on a Halti but she pull out of it, so now she is on a control lead and she is a lot better, i am also walking my Jack Russell with us but he is no problem and he just walks past other dogs, i think she is a most loving dog and very willing to learn and am following all the advise from the sit stay fetch books am i expecting too much too soon.
Posted by Annie
Sep 17, 2008
hi there,
is she behaving different when she is walked alone? It is possible that the other dog is showing her the correct way to behave, but also possible that this is adding to her 'strong' behaviour. It´s really important that you approach each situation as a new beginning. When my dog was a bit 'strong' meeting other dogs, I quickly tried to think of things I needed to buy at the shops, and I found that I was more distrated and not so aware ( of course I also was thinking of my dog) Try to have your body 'aware', but shoot your brain over to something boring.....

PS. 13 months can be a horrible time it´s really a time full of hormones and trying out new techniques....think of a teenager...needs borders, but can´t follow the rules so well.