protection agression

Posted by sherrym1950sbcglobalnet
Feb 19, 2008
I have two 5 month old male puppies, litter matesthat I have bottle fed since they were one week old. At home they are perfect. No agression to anything. However, whenever I take them out, whether on leash or at the bark park they become agressive. They will bark and agressivily chase other dogs away. They don't bite, just growl very aggressively and chase the other dogs away. As for other people, they will not go up to them. If the person approaches they will back up and try to hide. Sometimes barking all the while. I believe they feel they are protecting me.

What can I do?
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Feb 20, 2008
Hi there.

Your puppies must be so cute and very attached to each other since they have been together all the time.

As I read your posting, I got the feeling that your puppies are protecting each other since their bonding is so strong, rather than protecting you.

Do they act the same when you take only one of them out for walk or to the park? If you have been doing that, please ignore what I am going to suggest.

I think it is very important that you spend some time with only each one of them sometimes, in order to develop a stronger bonding between you and each dog. Two dogs can communicate in their body languages and face expressions, etc. and if they are litter mates their bonding is very strong (or it is also true that there are cases they compete each other and can not get along with each other).

Even if two dogs not from the same litter but if they live together they can be more aggressive together against other dogs and people, acting as they are buddies and aggravate each other.

Therefore, I would like to suggest you take one dog at a time for walk, errands, shopping, etc. and see how each dog acts.

Good luck