pulling on lead

Posted by Haz
Aug 24, 2007
I have an 8 month old male chocolate labrador who is really delightful & very loving. My only problem with him is his pulling on the lead. His is very strong & after a long walk I am suffering from a sore arm & I'm sure his throat/neck must be sore as well. I have tried the "you pull we stop/you sit we go" technique, as well as a "choke chain". I've also tried a head halter which he hated & either lay down & refused to walk or pulled at continuously with his front paws. I took him to a professional trainer who hadn't made any difference to him after several lessons.
It's now getting to the stage where I dread walking him on the lead!
Help please!

Posted by Blarson
Sep 1, 2007
Hi there! I'm dealing with the same problem with my 6 month old boxer pup, except I also have a 5 year old rottie mix also tugging at me. One suggestion that was given to me was the minute the lead gets taut turn around and start walking in the opposite direction. He will come running to you. The minute he gets to your side turn back the other direction and the minute he gets ahead of you again turn around and start walking the other direction. He will definitely get to a point of watching what you are doing. Be sure to make him come all the way back to your side before you switch directions though. Sometimes they think it is a game. Not promising it will work but it is another tactic. Also if you get in a situation where you just can't handle him, I take the lead and run it under their belly and walk him that way. It will be really uncomfortable for him when he tries to pull, so he won't pull. Good luck!
Posted by heyu
Sep 20, 2007
Also having problems with pulling. Have 2 one year old husky and 6 mo old g shepard. All weigh 50-60 lb. Am building muscle however have had no lasting results with front buckle leads, check chains or head collars (which is nearly impossible to snugly fit on squirming shep pup!) Have also tried the switching direction tactic and have spent many "walks" going in circles. Can get some obediance only during one on one time. But don't always have time for three separate walks.