puppy obsessed with chickens

Posted by gary
Sep 1, 2008
I have an 18 week old springer spaniel who has developed an obsession with my three chickens. They are kept in a fenced run and the dog will spend ages running up and down along the fence barking at them in a real frenzy. He is desperate to get his paws and teeth into them. He is usually very obedient but when fixed on the chickens he becomes deaf and will not come when called. My worry is that he will eventually get into the run, any suggestions on how to get over this issue and help him make friends with the feathered kind.
Posted by Annie
Sep 1, 2008
I trained my dog on a longish line and a can full of stones. The dog could not get the chickens, and when she went after them I could stop her with the line. Before she went to attack I used the command 'OFF' other people might use 'leave-it' and shook the cans loudly ( sometimes throwing the can near her) Then I asked her to sit and when she was relaxed I gave her a treat. I must admit that it took a long time as running chickens are the best fun but now when she looks at chickens longingly I say OFF and she relaxes and comes to me for a treat. Another tip is to let the dog have a smell of the chickens hay or bedding and compliment the dog when she stays relaxed...takes away the unknown a bit.
There is a good chance that your dog will learn this when you are nearby, and still be a terror when you are gone. Try hiding, or using a long distance water squirter to suprise your dog.
Good luck.