refused to breast

Posted by Samy-AmiN-Nashed
Sep 15, 2011
I want an explanation for what happened to the dog, my friend .. Kind Rotvilir female and four year old gave birth to 6 months .. .. Two and a born dead and refused to breast-feed the rest .. Was cut in a month and a very aggressive .. Delivery is made ​​in the domicile of the bitch .. Has a farm in the dog .. The question is why refuse to depression in some cases, breast-feed their young .. Why cut her hair .. Does the sensitivity in dogs by psychological .. Thanks
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 16, 2011
Hi Samy,

Sorry to be a pain, but could you try to word your problem and questions a bit more clearly? I'm not exactly sure what you're asking advice on -

I gathered that your Rottie had puppies, 2 stillborn, the rest not being able to suckle - right? And I think you're asking why she's not responding well to the pups, but not quite sure.

If this is the case, I'm afraid some dogs, especially first time mommies, can just do this. Just like people, and other animal species, some moms just have a hard time accepting the big change.

I'm not sure how to advise you to try and proceed without knowing what the situation is clearly - how long ago she whelped (gave birth), how many puppies she's got now, how does she respond to you coming around the pups...if you could explain that sort of thing and again ask what you're after I'll try to help you out as much as I can!