rottis biting

Posted by patriciaw
Apr 17, 2008

I have 2 Rottis that are brothers they are 9 mos old. One gets very aggressive when he is excited and bites, but recently the other is joining in as you can imagine it is hard to settle them both down and a little scary. I have muzzles for them and have been giving them time outs when they bite. any other ideas?

Posted by Todd
Apr 23, 2008
Hi Patti and thanks for the post

It is great you have the muzzles and are using them.
Often the easiest way to stop these issues is to avoid getting the dogs over excited.

1) When you get home completely ignore them for 15 or so minutes. Once they have calmed down go and greet them

2) Keep everything low key. Avoid over-exciting them. If they do get too much just stop and completely ignore them (turn away, don't look, touch or talk to them)

3) Make sure they both have lots of toys as well as a great deal of exercise as this can control a lot of issues.

4) If they do get overexcited and start causing problems they need to be reprimanded quickly so they know it is not okay. Use a loud GRRRRR or AHHHHH as well as a squirt with a water pistol. After this take the instigator away and put them in a room for 10 minutes of time out.
After this put them back together and start again.

5) Are they neutered? Often this can help take the edge off them and get them a little calmer

Other than that it will settle with some time and maturity. The training will help a lot so don't despair.Good luck and feel free to ask anymore questions.